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A while back I posted about the vFLOWer tool that provided a way of unpackaging a vCO package into xml that can be easily pushed to a version control system like Git.  The same company, ByteLife, has taken it a step further and have opened a site in beta that allows sharing and collaboration of vCO packages called FlowGrab.   My understanding is that the tools that made up vFLOWer are run on each packge that is uploaded such that I can be version controlled, diff’ed, merged.  Although this developer functionality is not part of their public feature set yet, what is there does look to be useful in sharing workflows with others.  It’s a heck of a lot more useful than posting the full package file to a blog post or GitHub, or worse yet, requiring you to git clone the XML output from vFLOWer, repackage it and then import.   Painful.  This is a step towards automation of all of that.Snip20140827_14

I thought I would give this offering a quick try with a package I had laying around.  This is a workflow that I use for notifications that reaches out to Pushover over REST.  I blogged about it a bit when I explored pulling data from Weather Underground here.   This package includes workflows that power on and power off VMs based on a keyword, and send an alert when complete.  You can use this as an example of how to use the pushover workflow in your own to do something useful.  Reusable content! Yay!

The process starts as normal, exporting the package from vCO:

The name will be automatically filled in, this is your package file.  Save this to disk.



Now what’s handy about this site is you don’t have to go through all the trouble of using vFLOWer as I previously posted about, simply browse to their site. Create an account.  Create your project and upload your package.  Done!.



After you post your project, it is available for others to view:

Clicking on the download link downloads the actual package file, not XML than you then have to build.


Now when you go to import this into another vCO instance, you are shown that a number of the contents already exist because I reused some library content for this example:




Now the package exists, and you should see the new workflows:





If you try to run the Power On or Power Off scripts as is you’ll get an error because you haven’t added the REST host and operation for Pushover yet.  This older blog post of mine shows how to set those up.



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