Small Things: vCAC 6.1 – "Data Collection" catalog entry

For anyone that does template configuration changes in vCAC can attest to how big of a pain it is to reconfigure the agents, shut down the machine, snapshot, browse the menu structure to where you force data collection, click collect data for all the items, browse to the blueprint config and wait for it to complete.    Well, hopefully this tip can speed that up just a little, or at least make it less of a headache for you.

vCAC 6.1 comes with a ton of vCO workflows out of the box.  One that caught my eye is “Force data collection”.



Adding this workflow as a catalog item is a breeze under Advanced Services – Service Blueprints.  When complete it will show up like any other service or template:



And does its job quite well:



One warning, you will want to set a constant value for the one question it will prompt for in this workflow.   Edit the blueprint as such:



And choose your IaaS (windows) server:



I quickly installed a fresh new instance of vCAC & IaaS today, and not sure if it was an error during install or not but at first mine didn’t show any hosts here in the above screen shot.   I had to go into vCO with the client and run this workflow to add it.  Your results may vary.



EDIT Sept 22 2014:   I wasn’t clear about where to find this workflow.  It’s found within these folders:

vCloud Automation Center
Infrastructure Administration
> Force Data Collection

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6 thoughts on “Small Things: vCAC 6.1 – "Data Collection" catalog entry

  1. Fernando says:

    I’m trying add IaaS but not working, return error: “Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials”.

    Credentials is ok.
    Host: https://

    Can you help me?

  2. Oxana says:


    I’m trying to connect vCAC appliance to vCAC identity appliance. But vCAC appliance returns error – Error updating SSO configuration. SSL certificates are self-signed with fqdn of appliances in common name.

    Can you help me?

    • jasper9 says:

      Are you using the newest version? 6.1 or 6.0? Be sure you don’t put a port number in the hostname box in the appliance config for SSO like we had to in 6.0. That’s a common mistake now.

      • Oxana says:

        Yes, I’m using the newest version 6.1.
        No, i don’t put a port number in the hostname box.
        I’ve been redeployed appliances several times already. Same mistake…
        I try vCenter SSO instead of vCAC IA. Same mistake again.

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