Tech Preview of Docker Machine Driver for Fusion

(Also, checkout the vSphere driver here.)

I kind of beat up on the vSphere driver quite a bit in the last post.  (sorry guys!).   So I wanted to give a super easy example of what else you can do with it.   I just (finally) watched the DockerCon keynote where they introduced the machine functionality and their messaging on this helping “zero to docker” in just a few commands resonated.  This example shows what the vision is.

So here we go – using docker machine with VMware Fusion as the endpoint on OSX.

You may need to click on the video and watch it in theatre mode to see the text.


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2 thoughts on “Tech Preview of Docker Machine Driver for Fusion

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  2. Note that the b2d iso caching issue has been fixed in master and the cert issue is being actively worked on (there is a solution in a PR, it just hasn’t been merged in yet)!

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