ESXi 6 Whitebox Realtek NIC issues

moooar_vsphere6I upgraded one of my whiteboxes to ESXi 6 and noticed the Realtek NIC was no longer detected.  I tried to install the same VIB I used previously and got dependency errors.   A quick google search later and I found this post that references a communities post that has a fix.  Yay!

Note – this probably shouldn’t have been posted publically during the beta program but meh, past is the past.

Here’s the VIB:  I can confirm this working on a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 that has a Realtek 8168 on board.   Many thanks to the author!

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4 thoughts on “ESXi 6 Whitebox Realtek NIC issues

  1. Hi Josh,

    thank you for this post! Please find a precise description of the issue, and detailed instruction on how to update/install white boxes (with Realtek NICs and other unsupported hardware) here:


  2. Hi,

    Only this .vib (1061 kb) did work for me with Realtek 8168 and VMware 6.0 :


    The other smaller .vib files gave an error.



  3. Jitendra says:

    After completing the whole process as stated above,I am getting log in on VCSA PORT 5480 But not getting access on VSPHERE WEB CLIENT PORT 9433

    Kindly help me to get access on VSPHERE WEBCLIENT (vsphere client)

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