ESXi 6 Whitebox Realtek NIC issues

moooar_vsphere6I upgraded one of my whiteboxes to ESXi 6 and noticed the Realtek NIC was no longer detected.  I tried to install the same VIB I used previously and got dependency errors.   A quick google search later and I found this post that references a communities post that has a fix.  Yay!

Note – this probably shouldn’t have been posted publically during the beta program but meh, past is the past.

Here’s the VIB:  I can confirm this working on a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 that has a Realtek 8168 on board.   Many thanks to the author!

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3 thoughts on “ESXi 6 Whitebox Realtek NIC issues

  1. Hi Josh,

    thank you for this post! Please find a precise description of the issue, and detailed instruction on how to update/install white boxes (with Realtek NICs and other unsupported hardware) here:


  2. Hi,

    Only this .vib (1061 kb) did work for me with Realtek 8168 and VMware 6.0 :


    The other smaller .vib files gave an error.



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