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VMworld 2013 @ San Francisco


VMworld 2013 US is in the books and I have to say the marketing and events people really have outdone themselves.    They really made a splash with the 10 year anniversery thing.  Turning the Giants stadium into a carnival along with two major bands?  Crazy..

I was part of a ton of sessions & other events stretching myself way thin and unfortunately it showed this year.  Confession time: it’s time to work on the public speaking skills.  Luckily most of the reviews mentioning this also noted I knew my stuff pretty well, so thanks for that anonymous session reviewer people!

ImagePosting links to the three major sessions below. (EDIT: Doesn’t look like they are posted yet, not sure if that is a good thing or not…)  Clearly I’ve got to work on skills this next year, luckily I’m in a new group where I’ll get to practice this over and over.   I’ll be back with a passion.

I have some good ideas for new topics as well.  In truth that’s the idea behind this new blog I’m spinning up.  But more on that later.

See a few of my Flickr Pictures here.

I highly suggest running along the ocean if you are in San Francisco.  I was able to get most of my runs in this week no problem. See the route here if you are interested.


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